Unscripted Truth

She was a geeky IT expert with an amazing offering, but she hated those awkward sales calls.


So how did our Founder (and your new coach), Dawnna St Louis, sell over $2M in services during her first year in business?


Discover the Fyrebrand Business Accelerator Formula.

Dawnna's style of approaching sales and client attraction helped catapult my business to increased revenue and exciting, new business offers to differentiate my service.


Absolutely amazing!”

Dawnna is the most effective sales coach I've ever seen in my 35 years as a sales leader. Her unique and easy formula that turns sales calls into effortless conversations is a game-changer for anyone who wants to win new clients.

Michael Bentley

Sales Director - Transfinder

The new conversation has less to do with selling and more to do with solving. 

Dawnna delivers a solution to win more clients using an easy to follow formula that makes the convo  effortless.

Dan Maynard

COO - GreyCastle Cybersecurity


Love to Win New Clients but hate giving away all your content to do it?


Fyrebrand's Business Accelerator Mansion Retreat Masterclass is built for coaches like you.

Most coaches are falling into the "give away all your content" trap. 


They're using their masterclass content as lead magnets or freebies. They have free groups where they pour into their members and get lots of exposure, but rarely enjoy the conversion to paid client.


A give away is great for getting attention and building your list. But if you want to build a successful coaching business, then you want to transform that masterclass content into an exclusive experience.


Win more high-value clients into a high-value experience. 


Fyrebrand will show you how.


You enter the grand front doors of the palatial estate as your bags are whisked away to your private, hand-selected king ensuite retreat.


Your Coach, Dawnna St Louis, greets you with a big hug and warm smile. During the past 6 weeks in the Virtual Academy, Dawnna has personally empowered you to win more clients. And you have. 


Upon taking it all in, you hear the recognizable baritone of John Watkis.  It is hard to believe that the man who played Mufasa in Disney's play - The Lion King, will be your High-Stakes Presentations Coach. 


You slowly climb the stairs and walk past the private auditorium. Before reaching your room, you spy the stage where you'll be delivering your high-stakes sales presentation that you, John, and Dawnna have worked on. The photographers and videographers flash you a smile as they prepare for tomorrow's headshots and videos.


The laughter of your new friends in the downstairs foyer delivers a new sense of anticipation.  A flurry of excitement takes over as you drink in the first moments of this exclusive experience and exhale. 


"This is where it all begins".


Now imagine delivering that kind of magic to your clients.

I know exactly what I offer, why I offer it, who wants it, and what I need to do next.

Tracy Renee Williams


I loved that I could work at my pace while immersing myself in the retreat.

Julie Holmes


I walked in with an idea.  I walked out with a fully functioning blueprint. 

Renita Joyce

Executive over PM Strategy Advisor

Why stay in a HOTEL when...


You rush from your room, down the elevator, across the lobby, to a stuffy conference room and face the buffet of picked-over stale bagels and over-brewed coffee.

You plop down your stuff in one of those "standard hotel conference chairs".  This will be your home for the next 8 hours... other than the box lunch hour and a couple of 15 minute breaks.

As the PowerPoint Presentation comes to life, the lights dim. 


Some guy reads each slide. You question your ability to stay awake the entire time and check your watch.  Only 3 hours left before lunch. You look around for the coffee station.


It's going to be a long few days.

You can LIVE in a MANSION.


You enjoy a hot breakfast before relaxing into a refreshing shower in your private king ensuite retreat.

You're refreshed and ready.

You head over to the 20-seat auditorium with the 120" movie screen. You settle into the oversized recliner and chat with last night's dinner guest. You brag that you learned more over dinner than you had in most 3-day classes.

The founder/creator of the Fyrebrand Business Accelerator Method, Dawnna St Louis, immediately engages with: "Who has the testicular fortitude or ovarian audacity to explain to me how they have used the Gantlet of Disqualification to eradicate tire-kickers?"


All hands reach for the sky. The transformation has already begun.

Working with Dawnna allows me to see opportunities I didn’t even know were there.


What I thought I knew about sales became immediately outdated. If you’re ready to level up your game both inside and out, prepare to be transformed!

Doug Stampfli

Leadership Coach

Before coming to Dawnna, I couldn't clearly identify my ideal client, reach them, or attract them.


From client attraction to better sales conversations, her method helped me win over $40K in  new business in a couple of months! 

Tammy Turner


From business alignment to knowing exactly who my ideal client is and why they would buy - Dawnna has me covered. 


If you want a fast-track strategy, get clear about your business goals, and achieve your outcomes.

Marilyn Rousseu

Spiritual Connection Coach

Does this


You delivered an awesome amount of value during the discovery call. They just had to think about it... 27 days ago. You've been ghosted... again.


How many more times are you going to shrug this off?


It's time for the BUSINESS ACCELERATOR, so you can: 

  • gain clarity & alignment
  • command higher-value fees
  • master effortless convos
  • win more ideal clients
  • deliver in your zone of genius

And with our Full Access Factor, your coach, Dawnna St Louis, will guide you every step of the way.






Words cannot fully express how I feel about Dawnna as a coach and friend. To be in her presence and have access to her thoughts is a gift.


I’ve been working with Dawnna for almost 3 years and my life has been infinitely better because of it. When we first met, I was working full-time as a lawyer but preparing for my transition to entrepreneurship.


She helped me narrow my niche so I could show up as the true expert that I am and demand my worth. This served me well when I lost that job at the end of 2019.


With what I’d learned from Dawnna, even in the midst of the pandemic, I was able to replace my salary in less time doing less work. Dawnna knows she’s stuck with me for life.

Kelly Charles-Collins, CEO / Founder of Ladies Who Leverage

Building wealth is first about building a wealth of knowledge.


Working with Dawna I’m able to learn and apply actionable ways to increase revenue and grow my business in a different way.


I went to Dawna to win and with her approach I’m getting after it.


In the age when clients expect even more value and the old ways of sales and marketing no longer connect with people.


Dawnna disrupts the status quo to win.


Working with her, I’m learning how to attract my ideal client and increase revenue to grow my business in a differentiated way.

Renee Baker, Executive Presence Coach for Financial Advisors and Creator of the Executive Presence IQ (EPIQ)



Get instant access to the Fyrebrand.net community, Dawnna's coaching calendar, and all of Fyrebrand's resources. 

Then discover the method that has launched businesses - FyreSAM. After up to 12 weeks of amazing game-changing in-depth lessons and coaching, you'll level up your skills at the Mansion.

Dawnna and her team continue to support you with 6-months of ongoing group coaching.  


Yeah - we want you to achieve your goals.

  • Exclusive 1-Week Orlando Mansion Retreat - Led By Dawnna St Louis

    • All-Inclusive

    • Limited to 10 Attendees

    • Coached by our Founder, Dawnna St Louis

    • Includes:

      • High-Stakes Presentations

      • Branding Lab

      • Social Media Lab

      • Headshots and Videos for your marketing

      • Sales Coaching

      • Level Up Product Mapping

  • Masterclass Series Led By Dawnna St Louis

    • Niche Clarity and Alignment
    • Attract your ideal client
    • Get more quality leads
    • Make your work matter
    • Target client rich environments
    • Improve client engagement
    • Master the sales conversation
    • Disqualify Tire-Kickers
    • Power-up your Proposals
    • Dominate Next-Steps
    • Increase lucrative introductions
    • Increase Revenue with Up-sells
  • Group and Private Coaching Program

    • Exclusive access to Fyrebrand Business Coaches and Dawnna St Louis
    • Ongoing Development, Goal Gamification, and Motivation
    • Group Accountability and Peer Groups
    • 3x-Monthly Q&A and Answers on Demand
  • Educational Library and Resources

    • Access to templates, videos, emails, proposals, marketing ideas, and other resources that makes your life easier


  • Book a call to get started

    If we're going to invest our energy in you, we need to know you're a strong fit for our community. That's why the first step is to book a strategy session.  

  • Get Access to Fyrebrand.net

    You'll have immediate access to ongoing coaching. No need to wait.  Access starts now!

  • Join the Program

    Level up your business.  From instant access to coaching to the 6-week program to the Mansion Retreat - you'll be crushing your goals from the first call to the last!

I chose to work with Dawnna because I heard the results others were getting from working with her. 


Dawnna helped me attract my ideal client and increase my sales through her step-by-step Fyrebrand method.


Laura Harver


Through working with Dawnna, I have clearly identified my ideal client,  business focus, and I have a strategy I'm excited about.  Every conversation with her advances me, makes me feel invested in, supported, and championed by a brilliant coach who knows business inside and out.

Chelsea Behrens

BOSSS Connection Program

If you want to get your WHOLE life together then you need Dawnna in your biz! Working with Dawnna has enabled me to increase my confidence in sales and marketing.
She shows you how to get results that impact the bottom line.


Cindy Constable

Executive Strategic Planning Coach




I'm Dawnna. Founder of Fyrebrand and creator of the Business Accelerator Method. 


When I had a new high-value tech business under my belt, I thought the tech would sell itself; especially because I wasn't naturally good at business or sales. In fact, I sucked! I tried to follow all of the business bibles, but they seemed too vague.   


So, I developed a business method that helped me niche, identify my ideal client, and win more clients. As a result, I won over $2M in clients in my first year in business, trained my team, and grew my business to $250M before I sold it. 


Today, I work with experts like you, to win more of your ideal clients.


So - let's talk.  


This is not one of those "high-pressure" sales calls. I just want to get to know you and your offering to ensure there is a fit.

There are only 25 spaces available in the 6-week virtual program and only 10 private rooms available in our Mansion Retreat Program in Orlando, Florida


These opportunities disappear quickly.  So, during our call, I'll be making sure that we can create a transformation for you.


The next program group kicks off 2nd week of November and 2nd week of January.

Coaching access begins immediately.


About 30 minutes from Orlando Int'l Airport (MCO)


Very limited seating available.


This is a group of diverse high-value professionals earning in the mid-6.


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What's the investment for this program?

How many people will be in my group?

Where and when are the classes held?

What's included in this masterclass program?

Who will be leading my group?

What if I get stuck?

What if I change my mind?

How do I sign-up? Where do I pay?

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